Inclusion Diversity and
Equity Alliance in
Leadership for Healthcare

Catalyzing women in healthcare, promoting upward mobility and visibility.

IDEAL was formed to help organizations and associations keep women in the healthcare care industry and create organizational career paths. According to the Gender Pay Gap report, it will take 136 years to achieve  gender equality at the current rate of progress. 

Our purpose is to accelerate progress.

What makes us different?

Together, we are better

Men are welcome and play a pivotal role in our success; together, we are better. We seek support from our male peers through a commitment to promote pay transparency and mentorship.

Breaking down barriers

We Strive To Eliminate Obstacles Organizations And Women Face In The Healthcare Industry By Providing Access To A Digital Directory Of Qualified Individuals.

Resouces to overcome obstacles

Members will also have access to monthly member meetings and webinars with focused discussions on the obstacles we face and resources to overcome them. 

How can you help?

To be a member means you and/or your organization pledge to embrace these four IDEALs to accelerate the rate of change.

Lend your support by taking action, including:

Using your voice to support the Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance for Leadership in Healthcare.

Providing members opportunity through job postings, speaking engagements, and board positions.

Supporting I.D.E.A.L. initiatives so that we can provide our industry with tools to close the gender gap.

Supporting advocacy at the Federal and State level to create lasting change.

Our Partners

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